March 14th, 2024 doors 6pm, show 7pm at River Arts District Brewing Co.


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Meet your presenters for March’s Nerd Nite:

Paulina Schau

The Power of Oxytocin

You might know that the “love hormone” can play a part in making babies, but do you know about its role in getting babies out? From labor contractions, to lactation, to “amnesia” of childbirth pains, and more! We’ll go into just a few of these during our time together, but you’ll leave with a new appreciation and understanding of the power of oxytocin!

Paulina Schau (they/them) is a Certified Full-Spectrum Doula, a Perinatal Yoga Teacher, and an all around birth nerd. They’re passionate about supporting and empowering all Asheville-area families through the journey of pregnancy and birth. They also have a special interest in supporting queer and trans parents as well as families beyond the binary. IG: @anam.cara.birth.wellness Web:

Bethany Perron

Bad Photoshop 101

Have you ever looked at a photo and thought something just seems “off”? Most people can recognize when a bunch of images are poorly composited in Photoshop, but what about the uncanny valley, where something looks wrong but you’re not sure what? Come learn some tell-tale signs that a photo has been altered. Using real images found in the wild, we’ll talk about what the perps did wrong, and how to fix the problems. You’ll never look at skies the same way!

Bethany (she/her) has spent the past few decades studying photography and Photoshop, and currently blends the two to create fantasy portraiture. Her work has been published extensively in Living the Photo Artistic Life magazine, and has been shown in galleries in North Carolina. She recently completed a year-long road trip around the country, couchsurfing with strangers and making fantasy portraits of them. Her book recounting the adventure is due out this year. IG: @bethanyperronfineart

Katherine Cutshall

The Bootlegging Ladies of Asheville

When most people think about a moonshiner, an image of a gangly, bearded man in overalls smoking a corncob pipe might come to mind. But the fact of the matter is a large number of women were involved in the bootlegging business, too. Far from the gangly mountaineer featured on the Mountain Dew can, these badass business women worked hard to support their families and communities. This presentation is one part true crime, one part true love, all Moonshine. Chug-a-lug!

Katherine is an aggressively enthusiastic public historian and Asheville native (Yes! We exist!) currently managing the Buncombe County Special Collections library in Downtown Asheville. Almost nothing brings her more joy than engaging folks with the past and helping them to realize that history is more than dates and “important people” – it’s the foundation of our collective memory and a roadmap for our future. IG: @yunz.are.sumthinelse ; @AVLHistory Web:

With your host, Von

Von’s Star Trek mini feature: Ferengi or Alpha Bro

There’s a race in the Star Trek universe historically known for their misogyny, treachery, and unapologetic avarice: humans. There’s also the Ferengi, a race of goofy aliens who hold the same outdated values as the average alpha male podcaster. Can you tell them apart? Find out in this hilarious mini-game!

Von (they/them) is a local drag performer known for their radioactive style, political commentary, and inability to shut up about Star Trek. A lifelong nerd of both science and theater, they were an avid lover of Nerd Nite in Los Angeles before moving to Asheville and starting the local Nerd Nite Chapter.

Von claims this show for the Romulan Empire. (IG: @von.infinity)

Join us March 14th, doors 6pm show time 7pm at The River Arts District Brewing Co! 13 Mystery St, Asheville NC 28801. Pre-sale tickets $10, door $15. 21+

Be there and be square!

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